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As you may have gathered, currently we are a networking organisation of some 42,000+ individuals and organisations around the world with the Motto ‘ We try Never to say No!’ As an established firm with good market credentials, we would be happy to have you join us and network your way with us to a mutually more prosperous future.We have no permanent staff – all our work is handled by individual or groups of our various associates under contract – even if some contracts go on for years! Also, as we are a private group, we currently do not publish accounts, although there are some plans to operate in at least in some parts of the world in some form of corporate capacity.

We all introduce our skills, products and services to the group and these are logged in our database for matching with the demands we receive. In turn, we all introduce and service prospects looking for goods and services we individually may not be able to supply, and the network seeks to meet those needs from our other members – and hence meeting our aim of meeting all enquiries with a Yes!

If you just want to register your interests without cost or obligation, our Affiliate Membership is appropriate for you, and you should move to that page by clicking on the following link Affiliate Membership.

Active Australian Associate Membership costs currently A$38.50 inc GST per month, which can be charged against a major credit card. However, we reduce the Membership Dues by A$1.10 inc GST for every New Qualified Lead you register with the network during the month before (i.e. a company or business your have contacted who are interested in our services and are not currently listed in our database, or listed by yourself previously between three to six months prior), so those introducing 35 or more new leads each month you need never pay anything after the first month. 

Each lead has a ‘life’ of three months from the date of last registered contacted with the prospect, after which time you need to re-contact them within the following 3 months, and reregister them if they are still interested in our services in order to retain your status as their Representative.  Pending the upgrading of our site, you currently have to fax or email details of new prospects and also to re-register them every three months to protect your commission entitlement to any new work as all entitlement lapses three months after the date of the last reported contact you have registered with us.

If one of your leads generates some business during the ‘registered’ period business, then you are paid 20% of the value-added content of the business to the network, regardless of what the work is or who does it. In addition, of course, we will probably be giving you work introduced by other Members appropriate to you own skill mix and current geographic location etc. As far as possible, we favour our Associates over Affiliates and non-Members when handing out work so long as they have the capacity and skills available to carry out the work in the appropriate time frame and are able to get to the geographic location where the work is required – Hotline support, of course, if independent of geographic location so long as you are contactable by telephone when we need you!

As you grow with our group, we will probably be asking you help us develop our own operations as we decentralise our administrative functions etc., and also participate in our professional development activities whereby we try to keep our members up to date with the latest developments around the world.

Accordingly, if you would like to take up Associate Membership, please forward a formal Profile on your operations and a single-page summary CV on yourself, together with a keyword index of skills, products and services you feel you can offer, an indicative minimum hourly rate you require for any Time & Materials work we offer you (you can always negotiate a particular rate for a particular job, of course, but the indicative rate just stops us bothering you with work outside your area of interests, skills and experience etc.) 

You should also advise us of a Visa, Mastercard, Amex (with 4 digit ID) or Diners Club Card for us to charge your Membership Dues to for the first month, and subsequently each month where there is a shortfall in new leads. We also need the Bank Account details (Bank Name & Address and Contact Telephone, Fax & Email, plus Bank Sort Code, Branch, Name of Account & currency) where you want us to pay your commissions and fees etc. into.

We have no lower limits for people we deal with as far as earning commission on business contacts introduced. If you prefer, you can postpone becoming an Associate Member and just deal with us on a casual basis. For those operating under Affiliate Member casual basis procedures, we invite you to register new business prospects you personally introduce with full details of contact name, position, address, phone/fax/email, type of business and possible areas of interest etc. Then, if they buy goods and services through us for any reason during the subsequent 3 months, you get credited with 10% of the value-added content of the business (as against the 20% for the full Associate Member).

In either case, we pay weekly all those with credits exceed a total of A$50 – and preferably pay direct into their bank where we have been given your bank details etc.! Whilst some people on our books are giving us leads daily, others only contact us every few years. The choice is entirely up to you.

Accordingly, we look forward to hearing further from you as and when you come across suitable contacts – and meanwhile wish you every success in your endeavours. So, we look forward to hearing further from you in the near future.